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A little walk down Memory Lane...

2018 Writer's Digest

I was in the middle of writing the first book in the World of Paerries series, Regretting the Rainbow Thieves, when I attended this conference, and the entire event occurred during a massive snowstorm. That long line is all of us authors nervously waiting for our “speed dates” with agents, a truly traumatic experience during the anticipatory wait, but that ended up being quite enjoyable in actual experience.

Unboxing Regretting the Rainbow Thieves

Unboxing my first novel - and remembering the unboxing scene from
Back to the Future.

Release Party for Regretting the Rainbow Thieves

The party was held at Beasties in Carytown, a neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia. You can also check out the video of the event, too.

Virtual Release Party for Refuge in the Pandemonium

The COVID-19 pandemic meant the release party of the second in the World of Paerries series had to be virtual. Check out the video!

Bookselling on the front porch of Sun Dogs in Seaside, Florida

A dream come true, to be selling my books at this panhandle bookstore that has given me so many hours of pleasure over the years.

Neil Gaiman holding up my books

Now mind you, as far as I know, Neil hasn't read my books, and this is not an endorsement. He, being an incredibly kind and generous person, held them for the photo as a way to help me celebrate being a published author.

Neil Gaiman holding Dan's three books in the World of Paerries series
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